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Personalised service

We are a small company who provide individualised care for all our patients. From the outset your initial consultation is with your surgeon, and his bariatric nurse specialist, who will guide you all the way. From your very first enquiry to your post-operative care you are looked after by your surgeon and his team. We are always available, offer 24hr emergency phone assistance and email support at all times.

Highly experienced

Prof. Ameet Patel has undertaken over 1000 weight loss operations over a career of more than 10 years with excellent results and low rates of complications. We are able to offer you all the different weight loss operations available, and can offer an objective review of your individual circumstances to identify the best solution for you. We also have the experience to undertake highly complex cases. If you have already had surgery which you feel has not worked well for you, or experiencing complications, we are likely to be able to help.

Internationally recognised

Prof. Ameet Patel is a recognised provider of bariatric surgery to many international Embassies, TRICARE (USA), as being a recognised surgeon by the European accreditation council for bariatric surgery (www.EAC-BS.com). He is also a Consultant Surgeon at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, a preferred provider of bariatric surgery for the NHS, and invited to lecture and perform live surgery at national and international conferences.

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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, London UK
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Obesity Surgery Company - Gastrointestinal Surgery Obesity Surgery Robotic Surgery, London UK
Emergency Band Service
Endoscopic Gastric Balloon
Lap Band Revision, London UK
Duodenal Switch Aftercare, London UK
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